As with so many artists, I’ve suffered the frustration of not being able to produce my most ambitious projects. Lacking clients who could defray the considerable expense involved in fabricating them, and unable to afford the necessary investment out of my own pocket, they were destined to remain a hodge-podge  of sketches, dusty maquettes, and fading half-formed images.
Over time, a possible solution to this dilemma slowly came to mind. Emulating the long tradition of trompe l’oeil (“fool-the-eye” ) art, I have digitally crafted such a careful rendering of these imaginary pieces that you may have assumed you were observing photos of the actual works. Captions were added specifying the materials used together with apocryphal designations of site installations to amplify this illusion. When successful, this stratagem invests these works with a “virtual reality” for they have, if only for a short while, been “seen” to exist. Please accept my thanks for your unwitting participation in this process for without it these works could not have come to life.

S.G. Sanders
Digital Artist
Pleasanton, CA 94566

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